Monday, April 10, 2006

harpoon esb - trackside's finest

Folks, the time has come to change it up a bit... step aside from those porters and stouts. How about a good ol’ drinking beer? What about the best drinking beer at my favorite bar? What about one that only costs a mere dollar more than the classic PBR pub can? Yes. Harpoon ESB. The amounts of this beer I have ingested probably
borders on insane. But, hell, I love Trackside, and I love beer. This ESB never fails to be tasty, even at 4 o’clock in the AM.

ESB means English Style Bitter, and I will chop off your balls if you try to argue with this. Typically I associate bitter with hops. Well, the Harpoon may be the exception to the rule. It has this crisp bitterness without an overabundance of hops. I couldn’t imagine anything better for a drinking beer. You get flavor, and don’t have to switch to a watery lager. Excellent.

I often describe beers as having an amber color, and go into way too much detail about the stratification in the coloring. This is not necessary for this ESB, it is amber through and through... underneath to Trackside lights.

It really has no smell beyond the smell of the pint glass. Another perk for a drinking beer.

Not overwhelming. Simply delicious. Grab one of these before you order that Bud Light.


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