Sunday, December 06, 2009

winter break you are almost here

Nursing school is no joke, and my winter break is approaching. Seemingly Mundane has just inspired me to make my winter to do list.

1. Wear knee socks as much as possible. There is never a bad time for knee socks.

2. Pick out the perfect road bike to start traing for BRAG. I'm leaning towards pink, but i'll probably stay stealth and stick to black.

3. Read atleast 5 books, which may or may not include this one:

4. Go out and DANSE! with fellow blogger Seemingly Mundane. She is going to DANSE! the winter away, so why not join her? Hopefully she won't be too embarassed by me when I show up in themed clothing...

5. Help Stella Kitty lose a few pounds, and stop her gangsta ways.

6. Visit a good friend in NC and go hike in the freezing cold.

7. Beat my father in the best game on this planet...

8. Get closer to my dream of rock hard abs that look like this:

9. Make a perfect frittata. Delicious!

10. Keep up with this blog. I hope to have some great stories that I can actually share soon...


Blogger Catie said...

Yes! Speaking of I'm prob going to MJQ this wed and the masqu on Thurs? You down? Oh and my friend is going ice skating on Thurs. I don't know what you are doing then, but I'm prob going to go with him and with us... so if we wanted to combine the two than we could kill two birds with one stone. We shall talk tomorrow. Oh and I can help Stella get rid of a few lbs. I have been working on that myself, but as for her gangsta ways... well... I still have not mastered that.

5:04 PM  

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