Friday, March 03, 2006

poop for peace.

The wonderful team at the poop report brings us Poop for Peace on April 16th. All humans poop, it is the one thing we share, so this year the poop report asks us all to think abut the world on this glorius day.

While you sit upon the shitter on April 16th...

Think of yourself on your toilet, and George W. Bush on his, and Saddam and Osama on theirs. Think about the children of Iraq and the children of America, and realize that while their skins are different colors and their gods have different names, their daily ritual is exactly the same. We all poop, which means we're all human, which means we're all brothers and sisters. Any other differences are arbitrary -- we are all united in the daily struggle against the tyranny of the bowel.

Check out the article and join the masses in the celebration of peace through poop!


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