Friday, July 07, 2006

shame! shame!

As I cruised through today’s topics of my Wall Street Journal, my normal morning coffee routine, something caught my eye , and then I fired with rage! Rage! It said something along the lines of global warming causing an increase in wildfires. Bah! Global warming can’t be the cause of everything! Researchers should just step back a bit. (I apologize for the hideous pun contained in this paragraph.)

They should all know the culprit of these extreme fires. Smokey the fucking Bear. When there’s a forest fire, you have to put it out. But, what Smokey doesn’t know is that many of these forests these studies are targeting are fire dependant communities. They depend upon fires for reproduction and population control. Well, no wonder the forests are dense with think canopies and burn up uncontrollably. Smokey kept putting out the fires. If just a little bit of thought was put into this scheme, maybe the forests wouldn't be so f’ing dense. Maybe people who build there homes in these forests (a dumb idea) wouldn’t have them burn down. Why? There would be less fuel for the fire.

Now the poor trees are dependant upon prescribed burns, which are a big ordeal. I am ashamed that fellow biologists are trying to blame global warming saying that the longer dry season is the reason. Longer dry seasons certainly lead to more extreme fires, but come on, if there wasn’t that much to burn in the first place, well... you get the picture.


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