Thursday, August 10, 2006

a world full of wimps.

My mother did not raise me to be a wimp. When I learned how to ride a bike, and when I continuously fell off onto the asphalt, she would not take “I give up” as an answer, regardless of the bruises and scrapes. If I didn’t get invited to a birthday party, well I just had to suck it up. Life is hard, and the world can be evil, but I learned to deal with it. And guess what? I turned out to be a mentally healthy individual with high self esteem, able to pursue goals effectively.

Nowadays parents are raising wimps. Mothers won’t let their kids ride bikes because they might fall off. They strap helmets on their kids to ride a tricycle! There are rules in school that say you cannot discuss parties or get togethers unless everybody is invited. What are these children going to do in high school, or better yet in their adult lives? It can be brutal out there, and if you can’t learn how to take some ups and downs in life, you may just get walked all over.

I could go on for days, but I'll leave it at that. Just know that when I have a kid, it will kick your kids' ass. Well not literally, but you know what I mean.


Blogger nevena said...

AMEN. Awesome, I agree completely. You're a highly-enlightened individual.

6:44 PM  
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Blogger drakeman said...

I I would take this one step further or one level deeper whichever way you want to phrase it. I contend that we are not only raising a generation of wimps but that we are raising a generation of children that have no idea of what it means to be a man. My reference ii not intended to be gender biased and that many will see it that is a symptom of the problem. Being a man means that you have a code of ethics that you live by, it means that you do what say and say what mean. It means protecting those that are too weak to protect themselves even if you don’t share their beliefs and values. I once read a definition of being a man that is pretty accurate, “Being a man means that you do whatever you have to do to provide for your family, never making promises you can’t keep (including your marriage vows), regardless of how difficult, or unpleasant it might be at the moment.”

12:32 PM  
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