Wednesday, July 19, 2006

lies! they are all lies!

I am not sure if this has become widespread knowledge, but we all deserve the right to know. Remember when there was news of Israel bombong the Gaza Strip? You know, the Palestinian's unrightful territory (The Gaza Strip, that is.) Oh yes, you remember.

Apparently it was fabricated. Old news footage of Irsaeli warships was used along with footage of the explosion, whichn actually occured. The problem is, it was probably a Hamas mine. Hmmmm.... interesting...

Horrible. Completely unorthodox. Absolutely dispicable. And any negative phrase you can conceive.

Damn these Hamas @#$%^&'*.


Blogger Will said...

There was a great band here in LA once called The Gazza Strippers

9:47 AM  

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