Monday, June 05, 2006

shitty vans

I have always been an avid hater of those mini van things. They fly down the interstate like space shuttles and plow you over. But who’s to blame? It is probably full of annoying, screaming children that mini van mom or dad wants to murder. In the words of my meat-head friend driving in traffic, “Fuck you mini van! I’ll chop off your balls!”
Well, I believe Chris Krok WSB radio has shed some light on the situation. He just got a mini van and swore that he would kill himself before he got one, and would want the gas guzzling SUV instead. But, there is apparently a perk to these shitty vans. In an SUV you cannot reach back to beat your screaming children easily. In a mini van you can basically walk back there and strangle them yourselves! How amazing is this!? Plus, there are like four cup holders! Shiiiiiiit, if mini vans mean beating kids when they act like crap, well I have just become a supporter of the mini van.
On the other hand, if another one rides my ass for 10 miles in horrendous traffic I will pull out my shot gun, cause that’s what a redneck would do.


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