Monday, May 29, 2006

Highland Tasgall Ale

Another beer review from weathered...

It is one of those chocolatey rich ales. Flavors you would expect from a porter, but that nice light-hearted nature. The kind of dark ale Chiggers approves of. Now, technically it is a Scottish Ale, and the Tasgall truly lives up to the full nature of such. It doesn’t have the heavy, robust quality of an Oskar Blue’s Old Chubb, but this is okay. I decided to look up the top ten Scottish Ale’s according to the Beer Advocate, and I was highly disappointed to see Highland not make the cut. But I promise you, it is a hell of a beer.

The dark chocolate coloring with cherry red hues exude from the bottom of the glass. The red manages to reflect in the foam, which, by the way I consistently attempt to not refer to as “head” in beer reviews. Each attempt tests the large immature portion of my brain. Naturally a reference to “head” doesn’t go over so well...Dang.

2 minutes later....

So, the smooth, yet rich, mildly chocolate, barely hoppy flavor, along with a little something something extra presents the Tasgall to the best of my now inebriated ability. But you know while I’m on the subject of taste, the flavors that you can identify with are only the flavors you have tasted before, therefore the flavors in which you have been taught to identify with so really the ones you’ve had before... so... yea. Yea. In fact, when I refer to the actual flavor in must be subject to interpretation by your very own taste buds or I might get myself kicked in the butthole. Any philosophy majors out there? Was that a sound argument?

4.33 out of 5 !@#$%&.’s.


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