Monday, March 12, 2007

a taste of grammar

my friend recently inquired about the fact that my myspace page uses only lowercase letters. well, i ask, why do words we capitalize really deserve such distinction? why must we capitalize the m in "Monday" and the g in "God"? are they really more important than words such as "the", "and", "barf", "ostentatious", et cetera?

i'm sure you can even read this post with ease, even though i have not used a capital letter at the beginning of any sentence. the punctuation sets my declarative, imperative, and interrogative sentences apart rather nicely if you ask me.

now this is just my personal opinion. i don't act on this in places such as work. if i sent emails in all lowercase folks would probably think i'm a young imbecile, victim to the crude nature of the instant messenger, which is contributing to the corrupt nature of our children, taking away from the rigorous nature of the english lessons in our school system, where children learn the components of sentences and must diagram sentences in perfect fashion, as they are so readily able to identify the subject, predicate, independent and dependant clauses... as well as this run-on sentence i have so kindly provided for you.

and i digress...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

bad al gore! bad!

He's a hypocrite! BAH!

check it.

With all his money and talk you'd think he lives in a "green" home.

And my sorry excuse for a blog continues... but it you want some excitement the Boneman has created his brand new blog. He's back as the No Good Son of a Bitch.