Monday, March 27, 2006

an american portrait

I'm bored, or maybe more accurately do not want to do "real" work, so how about another post today? What about this lovely photograph? Wouldn't you say that it deserves a nice photo frame? I'm not sure that viewing it online does justice to that Bristol jacket and the Bud's in the bottle, do you?
Holy balls! I must say, this is fucking amazing. Asians do all kinds of impressive shit, and always have to be one up on us Americans... But damn, I am very impressed.

A visitor looks through a microscope at Chinese micro-painter Jing Ying Hua's painting of a panda during a gallery exhibition March 22 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Over the course of 10 days, Jing painted the panda on a single piece of human hair, using a rabbit hair as a brush.

who would have imagined anything different for a couple with sticks up their asses?

I'm not quite sure what to say really, just read it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

you are wrong heider!

The anthropologists just piss me off. I acknowledge that cross-culturally, individuals differ, but for anthropologist, Heider, to argue against Freud astounds me. Freud’s hydraulic theory says that sexuality is an innate, internal pressure, and when suppressed the pressure builds and will pop up in other forms. This seems accurate to me. Well, Heider says that this sexual pressure is culturally determined, therefore varies between cultures. Well, I would love to know his explanation for this.

I see sexual desire as a biological/ ecological entity of organisms. The manner in which a species is able to maintain a sustainable population size to prevent outcompetition, risk of predators, loss of genetic material, and the spread of recessive mutations, just to name a few, is through the production of viable offspring, hence reproduction. This includes humans, especially since we are a mere twig on the tree of life. What happens after the population takes a toll from great wars and epidemics? We want to repopulate the species, not to mention the pleasure involved for many mammals. So I ask again, how is sexual desire cultural?

Now let me discuss the pressure aspect.

Have you ever spent time with a sexually repressed post-pubescent individual? Well, you can tell, you can sense the tension, and they are probably going to bitch about it. Of course they are, sexuality is biological, all humans want it, and when suppressed it presents itself. I cannot convince myself that another female with a clitoris on the other side of the world, the same sexual organ that I have, would not want to enjoy her sexuality. My cultural upbringing probably has a different view on sexuality than this female’s culture on the other side of the world, but let’s face it: we both want to have an orgasm, or five.

Freud? Heider? Hmmm….

happy belated birthday josephine

On a more cheery and nonjudgemental note, happy belated birthday to the adorable orangutan Josephine. She got an awesome bag of munchies. I wonder if she ate that bag first ; )Orangutans are endangered, so it always nice to see a happy healthy one celelbrating another year.

jeans for jihads?

The Italians have really done it now. They have created a line of jeans for Muslims, which are more comfortable. "They're high around the waist, wide around the leg and have lots of pockets for holding watches, bracelets, glasses and other knick-knacks." Yea, right. Maybe more pockets for weapons and extra leg room to strap on an explosive.

Oh, I am also astounded that this made the news...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a question...

When you view my blog, does the "About Me" portion appear to the right of my latest blog, or is it at the bottom? I see it differently depending on the computer an/or browser I'm using and it is starting to irritate me....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

carpet thief. and not the kind your are thinking of you pervert.

The woman in the above picture decided she wanted a new rug for her home. So, what better place to get one than a West Virginia courthouse! Hahahahahaha, people never cease to amaze me

Here she goes with it...

Here's a close up...

Now it looks all pretty in her home!
She got arrested for this. How embarassing...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Check out the midget size book of the lord's praryer. Oh hell yea. Wasting time and money to bring christianity right to your fingertips. Har har har.

I believe this could be the most ridiculous, impractical item I have seen in a long time. It is being auctioned off in London in six days!

"Fifty cents, going once, going twice... 5000 dollars, I hear 5000 dollars, going once, going twice, SOLD to the man with no balls!"

Friday, March 03, 2006

poop for peace.

The wonderful team at the poop report brings us Poop for Peace on April 16th. All humans poop, it is the one thing we share, so this year the poop report asks us all to think abut the world on this glorius day.

While you sit upon the shitter on April 16th...

Think of yourself on your toilet, and George W. Bush on his, and Saddam and Osama on theirs. Think about the children of Iraq and the children of America, and realize that while their skins are different colors and their gods have different names, their daily ritual is exactly the same. We all poop, which means we're all human, which means we're all brothers and sisters. Any other differences are arbitrary -- we are all united in the daily struggle against the tyranny of the bowel.

Check out the article and join the masses in the celebration of peace through poop!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

dogs all pissed off in pink.

I realize it was Mardi Gras, but leave the poor canines alone. Those poor dogs must have been so embarassed... well, the bigger one atleast, (I hate little rat dogs.) Damn humans...