Friday, July 28, 2006

procrastination (thanks be the boy!)

Five items in my freezer:
1. apple shaped freezy pack i still use from elementry school
2. freezy thing for my wine chiller
3. frozen shrimp. gross. that will be in there for another few months.
4. ice
5. pint glasses

(i had exactly 5 things in there. sad.)

Five items in the closet:
1. rolled up poster of a world map
2. old pair of doc marten boots
3. dive gear
4. shopping bags i totally intend to reuse
5. a stuffed animal seal i used to refer to as "marcel"

Five items in the car
1. u2 tape of achtung baby
2. dale jr. antenna topper
3. a dirty quilt
4. chester the squirrel pen
5. dictionary (never know when you'll need it!)

Five items in my backpack:
1. tons of mechaincal pencils
2. mcat quick study sheets
3. atlas shrugged paperback for when i'm on the go
4. headphones
5. post-its with things i'm likely to forget

Five people I tag:

mar bear, the coolest guy in the world, sunshine and rope swings, southern bell from hell, cgpop

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I was sent one of those invitations to view photos online, and it was from a party I recently attended. As I glanced through them I just could not contain my laughter. I was kissing someone on the cheek in almost all of them. Usually the same people. Apparently jello shots make me think this is absolutely wonderful...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My new beer review is up on weathered: North Coast Brewing Company's Red Seal Ale

Saturday, July 22, 2006

clumsy me.

As I sat today after taking an eight hour long practice MCAT, in effort to get into medical school and be a doctor, I wanted to think of the finer things in life... Something other than AC circuits, trypsin, and the loop of Henle.

While eating my salad loaded with Caesar dressing, I realized that I hurt myself all of the time. No, not intentionally, but in a clumsy way. Though sometimes it isn’t even clumsiness, I feel like I watch myself get hurt and don’t mentally clue in until it’s too late, and set myself up for bruises and scars.

It all must have started when I was about three and knocked my own head into a stereo speaker while jumping. Let’s not point out the fact that it was right in front of me. Sutures in the forehead. You can still see the scar.

I cracked my head open four more times in the years to follow, some my fault, others not. One of mention was when I just leaned back over the bed of a truck and fell on my head into a bunch of rocks. Pure genius.

Five years old. Stood in front of an oncoming baseball. Broken arm.

Six years old. Jumped off my playhouse roof with my hands in my pockets. I landed flat on my face on concrete. My hands were still in my pockets. Thank god I didn’t need facial reconstruction.

Ten years old. I pretty much willingly placed my finger in between the metal lawn chair adjustment. The tip was almost sliced off.

Fourteen years old. I got my own toe stuck in astro turf and broke it.

Now let’s flash forward to recent times.

Nineteen years old. Got into bed and broke my toe. Whacked it on the metal piece.

Twenty years old. See a hot guy, wave with a seductive smile, and then trip up the stairs.

Twenty one years old. Hold my thumb where the door closes, and watch myself close the door on it. Special.... Still don’t have feeling in part of it.

And the big one for twenty two! I opened a yogurt and sliced my finger on the foil. It’s better now though.

Of course throughout all these years I run into walls, hit my head on things, and usually trip over the floor.

Just pray i'm not your surgeon one day ; )

Friday, July 21, 2006

nice quote.

I am in love with my personalized google homepage. I especially love the quote of the day portion. In fact, this one gives three a day! It's like those buy one get one free deals, except you get three! Well kinda... so here is one I would like to share with the masses:

"Anybody who wants the presidency so much that he'll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office."
- David Broder

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

lies! they are all lies!

I am not sure if this has become widespread knowledge, but we all deserve the right to know. Remember when there was news of Israel bombong the Gaza Strip? You know, the Palestinian's unrightful territory (The Gaza Strip, that is.) Oh yes, you remember.

Apparently it was fabricated. Old news footage of Irsaeli warships was used along with footage of the explosion, whichn actually occured. The problem is, it was probably a Hamas mine. Hmmmm.... interesting...

Horrible. Completely unorthodox. Absolutely dispicable. And any negative phrase you can conceive.

Damn these Hamas @#$%^&'*.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

proud to be an american.

Why on earth did I not know about the Summer Redneck Games? Why? I would have been there in a heartbeat. What could be more fun than partying in East Dublin, Georgia with a bunch of southerners, and participating in events like bobbing for pigs' feet and hubcap hurling. I would have won a gold medal. I take games seriously, and I play to win. They even have a belly flop contest! Hell yeah! You better believe I’ll be there next year, and I’ll look a little some thing like this:

So I can party with these people:

Watch yourself, when you see me hurl a hubcap... well... let's just say you batter watch out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

un photo? une photo?'s been awhile...

As a lover of bars and drinking, as well as a lover of myself, this is the New Year's princess photo. Apparently I thought this was a princess crown, and walked around asking everyone, "Do I look like a princess!?" I can't even imagine how annoying it must have been...

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I love the dictionary. In fact, I used to pick it up for fun. The nerd inside of me loves to excite the portion of her brain dedicated toward vocabulary skill. It’s up there with sex. When I see the word of the day pop up on my google homepage I know the day will turn out okay. But I digress... What is important here are the latest words which have added to the dictionary. There are nearly 100 new words! Things like “google,” “drama queen,” “mouse potato,” “soul patch,” “unibrow,” and so on.
Merriam-Webster has some examples here. And, what is fun is On Deadline asking “mouse potatoes” what words they would add. Click here to read the stupidity, the humour, and the genius, and of course add something clever.

Friday, July 07, 2006

shame! shame!

As I cruised through today’s topics of my Wall Street Journal, my normal morning coffee routine, something caught my eye , and then I fired with rage! Rage! It said something along the lines of global warming causing an increase in wildfires. Bah! Global warming can’t be the cause of everything! Researchers should just step back a bit. (I apologize for the hideous pun contained in this paragraph.)

They should all know the culprit of these extreme fires. Smokey the fucking Bear. When there’s a forest fire, you have to put it out. But, what Smokey doesn’t know is that many of these forests these studies are targeting are fire dependant communities. They depend upon fires for reproduction and population control. Well, no wonder the forests are dense with think canopies and burn up uncontrollably. Smokey kept putting out the fires. If just a little bit of thought was put into this scheme, maybe the forests wouldn't be so f’ing dense. Maybe people who build there homes in these forests (a dumb idea) wouldn’t have them burn down. Why? There would be less fuel for the fire.

Now the poor trees are dependant upon prescribed burns, which are a big ordeal. I am ashamed that fellow biologists are trying to blame global warming saying that the longer dry season is the reason. Longer dry seasons certainly lead to more extreme fires, but come on, if there wasn’t that much to burn in the first place, well... you get the picture.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

support a student

I am sure you have heard the news by now about Raoul Balai and his fake advertising agency. I think we should all support his satirical endeavors, because damn, it's funny! It is outrageous that the Amsterdam Zoo wants to sue him. Suing for comedy. Preposterous! He has had potential customers phoning the company, which is actually not real. So, ummm... maybe he should get some credit for a damn good idea!

Please check out his site
If you haven’t heard the story yet here’s the link

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

cheers for ugliness!

Congratulations Archie! You are the world’s ugliest dog for 2006!

The canine went home with $1,000. Perhaps we should encourage Archie to get a brow lift?